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wordpress plugins and themes automotive,business,crime,health,life,politics,science,technology,travel is a non-profit organization that was started to honor the memory of Julia Caitlin Levy. Julia was diagnosed on December 20, 2002 with an inoperable brain tumor and was a fighter until the day she received her wings on September 10, 2003. She touched many lives and is missed more than words can express. Tumbleweed was one of her many nicknames, and the one we selected for the Foundation.

Our Mission: To Honor the Memory of the Bravest Angel, by being a source of emotional and financial support for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families, by providing the public with the opportunity to learn about the children and their illnesses, and by sponsoring various projects to further these goals.

Some Important Tips On Maintaining Kitchen Safety For Your Kids


The kitchen can be a great place to bond with your kids. You can teach them how to cook some stuff that they're interested in whipping up themselves. However, it can also be a place where it can be dangerous for them to stay in. With hot ovens, knife sets, breakable utensils and electric appliances, no child sure should be left in there alone.

But fret not, as you don't have to skip teaching your kids some minor cooking lessons. It's because there are plenty of ways wherein you can maintain your kids' safety in the kitchen. Whether they act as your assistant or invent their own snacks, they can be out of harm's way each and every time.

When helping your prepare scrumptious meals, ask them to keep from wearing long and baggy clothes. Such types of clothes can catch fire easily. Tell them to wear aprons each and every time, to keep them from being splashed with hot fluids like water or oil. Teach them the use of pot holders or mittens, but never let them work with hot pans or pots.

Make sure that items that are breakable and sharp are out of your kids' reach. It's important to store your glassware, henckels knife set, etc. In high places. High shelves and cabinets are easily accessible to adults, but not to your little ones. Install child-safety latches on low-lying cupboards or cabinets.

Instruct your kids to keep their hands off on certain appliances found in the kitchen. While it may be fine for them to operate the popcorn maker, it's definitely not okay for them to operate the stove, oven, blender, etc. Better yet, instruct them to ask for an adult's help when they need something in the kitchen. Praise them for obeying rules, and tell them it's for their own safety anyway.

Electrical appliances that are not in use should be unplugged. Special plastic covers for unused electrical outlets should be applied to prevent your kids from sticking objects in them. Make sure electrical cords are not within their reach too. When they pull on the dangling cord of a 4 cup coffee maker or other items, it could fall and injure your kids.

Water, oil and other liquids that spilled on the kitchen floor should be wiped off and cleaned right away. When your kids slip on them, serious injuries may ensue. Make sure there's a clean, dry mop or rag ready to be used for cleaning spills. Emergency numbers should be placed near the phone. If possible, teach your little ones to contact 911 during emergencies.

Lauren Alaina Rewards High School Kids With Concert (Taste of Country)

Lauren Alaina made a guest appearance recentlyat James River High School in
Buchanan, Va. to a student body of just 500. The school received Alaina's
performance as a reward for winning a local competition hosted by the radio
station Star Country (WSLC). Each year, WSLC challenges the local schools to
see who can collect the most toys to donate to Toys for Tots. For the past
five years in row, the [...]

Taste of Country

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